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Flying Sucks / Fliegen ist doof

Oldenburg/Germany to Sydney/Australia without flying

Hi, my name is Matzi SMILEYS_HI

From July 31st 2010 until June 19th 2011 I did an overland trip from Germany to Australia.

This Travel Blog is about my adventures during these amazing 324 days.

Unfortunately I had to finish the blog early, because it took too much time to keep it up-to-date...

Actually, sorting and uploading photos was the biggest proplem, it just took TOO much time during the trip...

So I decided to just upload photos to my facebook fanpage and write some comments on the photos there.

If you checkout my Flying Sucks facebook fanpage, you can enjoy THE WHOLE TRIP in photos, videos and comments!!!

BUT: I still plan to finish this blog! I still have all my notes in my paper diary (old fashioned, but turned out to be "no internet"-proof Smile


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